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Authors: Britney Spears Quotes, Famous Britney Spears Quotes Sayings
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Christina [Aguilera] and I are friends no matter what the media makes up.
Britney Spears
I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.
Britney Spears
Everyone is at peace and happy and they all hop around from cloud to cloud. And an old man with a long, white beard wanders around -- that's God.
Britney Spears
Expressing her view of Heaven
Where the hell is Australia anyway?
Britney Spears
I did not have implants, I just had a growth spurt.
Britney Spears
I do believe in the sanctity of marriage. I totally do.
Britney Spears
After having her 55-hour Las Vegas marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander annulled because she was drunk at time
I don't really have time to sit down and write. But when I think of a melody, I call up my answering machine and sing it, so I won't forget it.
Britney Spears
I performed at Mom and Dad's party when I was four. Oh my gosh, I was singing a Madonna song and I peed myself.
Britney Spears
I want to wait to have sex until I'm married.
Britney Spears
I wish my hair was thicker, and I wish my feet were prettier. My toes are really ugly. I wish my ears were smaller. And my nose could be smaller too.
Britney Spears
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Britney Spears: American pop singer. Born 1981.

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