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Authors: Eugene Ionesco Quotes, Famous Eugene Ionesco Quotes
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A civil servant doesn't make jokes.
Eugene Ionesco
The Killer
All history is nothing but a succession of 'crises' - of rupture, repudiation and resistence….when there is no 'crisis', there is stagnation, petrification and death.
Eugene Ionesco
An avant-garde man is like an enemy inside a city he is bent on destroying, against which he rebels; for like any system of government, an established form of expression is also a form of oppression.
Eugene Ionesco
Banality is a symptom of non-communication. Men hide behind their cliches.
Eugene Ionesco
Beauty is a precious trace that eternity causes to appear to us and that it takes away from us. A manifestation of eternity, and a sign of death as well.
Eugene Ionesco
Present Past - Past Present
Boredom! I've got so used to that. You get used to it, or rather, you don't get used to it, but you get used to not getting used to it.
Eugene Ionesco
Jean, in Journeys Among The Dead
If God exists, why write literature? And if he doesn't, why write literature?
Eugene Ionesco
Life is an abnormal business.
Eugene Ionesco
Jean, in The Rhinoceros
Shakespeare was the great one before us. His place was between God and despair.
Eugene Ionesco
Since the death instinct exists in the heart of everything that lives, since we suffer from trying to repress it, since everything that lives longs for rest, let us unfasten the ties that bind us to life, let us cultivate our death wish, let us develop it, water it like a plant, let it grow unhindered. Suffering and fear are born from the repression of the death wish.
Eugene Ionesco
Fragments of a Journal
1 2 more Eugene Ionesco quotes
Eugene Ionesco: Romanian-born French playwright. Born 1912. Died 1994.

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