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You're just a toy punk to mess with that junk
You want some real dope, come look in my trunk
The dope I'm sellin' is life, a hundred per cent legit
So get real, fool, and try some real hit.
I'm Your Pusher
You better think it out
We should be able to say anything
Our lungs were meant to shout.
Say what you feel, yell out what's real
Even though it may not bring mass appeal
Your opinion is yours, mine is mine
If you don't like what I'm sayin' fine.
Freedom of Speech
I started off rapping for people just like myself, people who were in awe of wealth and flash. It was a conversation between me and them. But now most of those who buy my records are listening in on others' conversation. They are the aural equivalent of voyeurs, thrilled at this crazy world that has nothing to do with their experience.
Crime is an equal-opportunity employer. It never discriminates. Anybody can enter the field. You don't need a G.E.D. You don't have to be any special color. You don't need white people to like you. You're self-employed. As a result, criminals are very independent people.
The Ice Opinion
Passion makes the world to round. Love just makes it a safer place.
The Ice Opinion
When they call you articulate, that's another way of saying "He talks good for a black guy".
Ice-T - American rap musician. Born Tracy Marrow 1968.

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