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Authors: Saddam Hussein Quotes, Famous Saddam Hussein Quotes
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Long live the people, long live the nation, down with the invaders, God is great, God is great.
Saddam Hussein
Reacting to his death by hanging sentence for crimes against humanity, November 2006
I ask you, being an Iraqi person, that if you reach a verdict of death, execution, remember that I am a military man and should be killed by firing squad and not by hanging as a common criminal.
Saddam Hussein
At his trial for genocide and crimes atgainst humanity, July 2006
I am ready to die. I am not scared of execution. I do not attend this trial to spare my life. I attend it to defend Iraq.
Saddam Hussein
In Interview with his lawyer Bushra Khalil while on trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity
I didn't have time to write poetry before, but now I have had the time to become a poet.
Saddam Hussein
Confiding to lawyer Bushra Khalil while on trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity that he had written a new epic work
My spirit is still standing firm and will not fall,
And in my body runs the blood of the great.
Oh Iraq you are crowned in the heart
And on the tongue you are the poem of the poets.
Oh Iraq misfortune has shaken your sword, so stand tall
And gather your strength without bearing a grudge.
Saddam Hussein
A sample of his poetry
My name is Saddam Hussein. I am the president of Iraq, and I want to negotiate.
Saddam Hussein
To US troops who captured him in a hole in the ground in near Tikrit
Victory will be ours soon. Iraqis will strike the necks as God has commanded you.
Saddam Hussein
Speaking to his troops as American and coalition troops declare war on Iraq
We are ready to sacrifice our souls, our children and our families so as not to give up Iraq. We say this so no one will think that America is capable of breaking the will of the Iraqis with its weapons.
Saddam Hussein
When the enemy starts a large-scale battle, he must realize that the battle between us will be open wherever there is sky, land and water in the entire world. ... There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Well, give us time and the necessary means, and we will produce any weapon they want, and then we will invite them to come and destroy them.
Saddam Hussein
Yours is a society which cannot accept 10,000 dead in one battle.
Saddam Hussein
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Saddam Hussein - President of Iraq 1979-2003. Born 1937.

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