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Authors: Segolene Royal Quotes, Famous Segolene Royal Quotes Quotations Sayings
It will be a shock for France. It will be incredible, an almost global event.
Segolene Royal
Predicting reaction to her winning 2007 French presidential election, quoted November 2006 after Socialist Party elected her as candidate.
I think that the moment for women has arrived. Not for women but simply for the harmony of life.
Segolene Royal
On TF1 television April 2006.
For men who have spent all of their life engaged in the conquest of power seeing a woman overtaking them is viscerally unbearable.
Segolene Royal
Why should one have to be sad, ugly and boring to go into politics?
Segolene Royal
Being a woman is not enough to be different.
Segolene Royal
Democracy is like love. The more you get of it, the bigger it grows.
Segolene Royal
To relaunch growth, we must invest massively in work, innovation and the environment ... The first objective is to invest massively in human capital.
Segolene Royal
I'm making policies by looking at what I would do for my own children.
Segolene Royal
My opinion is that of the French people.
Segolene Royal
In response to question whether she supported Turkey's EU entry.
Today, the worst conflicts, the most deep-rooted violence, and those likely to emerge in the coming years are due to disparities in development.
Segolene Royal
Segolene Royal: French politician. Born Senegal 1953.

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