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Authors: The Master Quotes, The Master Important Quotes, Quotations, Sayings from the novel by Colm Toibin
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Sometimes in the night he dreamed about the dead - familiar faces and the others, half-forgotten ones, fleetingly summoned up. Now as he woke, it was, he imagined, an hour or more before the dawn; there would be no sound or movement for several hours. He touched the muscles on his neck which had become stiff; to his fingers they seemed unyielding and solid but not painful. As he moved his head, he could hear the muscles creaking. I am like an old door, he said to himself.
The Master
Chapter 1, Page 1, opening lines.
His attempt to be earnest, hesitant and polite had not fooled women like her who watched his full mouth and the glance of his eyes and instantly understood it all.
The Master
Henry James and his visitor, a Russian princess, Chapter 1, page 7.
You are an American and nobody knows who your father was or who your grandfather was. You could be anybody.
The Master
English lady to Henry, Chapter 2, page 24.
He has great charm, does he not, and discretion, I think?
The Master
Lady Wolseley to Henry, about servent Hammond, Chapter 2, page 27.
Her gaze was neither puzzled nor hurt, but there was a sense that she was putting energy into a look of mild contentment and sweetness.
The Master
Mona, young daughter of one of guests, at Lord Wolseley's, Chapter 2, page 32.
His grandfather had come to America in search of freedom, and in America he had found more than freedom. He had found great wealth, and that had changed everything. County Cavan did not cost Henry a thought.
The Master
Henry thinks on Webster's sneering remarks about Bailieborough in Cavan being the seat of the James family, Chapter 2, page 37.
It suddenly struck him that what he longed for now was an American, preferably someone from Boston, a compatriot who would understand or at least appreciate, as nobody present seemed to, the strangeness here.
The Master
Henry is among the English in Ireland, at the Wolseleys' party, Chapter 2, page 44.
It is terrible to be an unprotected being.
The Master
Henry's bedridden sister Alice, Chapter 3, page 59.
You must tell me something that you are sure is true.
The Master
An ill Minny Temple in letters written to John Gray in last year of her life, Chapter 5, page 103.
For so many years now he had had no country, no family, no establishment of his own, merely a flat in London where he worked. ... It was as though he lived a life that lacked a fazade, a stretch of frontage to protect him from the world. Lamb House would offer him beautiful windows from which to view the outside; the outside, in turn, could peer in only at his invitation.
The Master
Henry on prospect of owning a home in Rye, Chapter 6, page 123.
You're the consistent one, the one who'll always know how to mind himself. At least we have you.
The Master
Aunt Kate to Henry, Chapter 7, page 182.
'I think she deserved a better life,' Lily said, 'But it was not to be.' In her last phrase there was no air of resignation or acceptance, but rather one of blame and bitterness.
The Master
Lily Norton on Constance Fenimore Woolson and her suicide, Chapter 8, page 204.
He found their indifference to him charming, a relief, and he wondered if some of his old friends, who demanded his attention too much and who monitored too closely what he said and did, might be encouraged to follow the example of the Emmet sisters.
The Master
Henry tours Paris with his young cousins Rosina and Bay Emmet, Chapter 9, page 211.
It was as if both he and Constance had risked too much in their gamble with Venice, and she had lost everything while he had lost her.
The Master
Henry, captivated by sights and splendor of Venice, has heavy sence of doom as it was here Constrance jumped from a terrace, Chapter 9, page 214.
All of his friends knew not to make demands on him, and Constance knew that too.
The Master
Henry reassures himself he was not at fault in Constance's suicide, Chapter 9, page 240.
And for the sake of something hidden within his own soul which resisted her, and because of his respect for convention and social decorum, he had abandoned her there.
The Master
Henry had failed to save his friend Constance, having left her in Venice for reasons of convenience and social propriety, Chapter 9, page 242.
This, he thought, was her last novel. They all played their assigned roles.
The Master
Henry believes Constance planned her death like she would plan a book, Chapter 9, page 244.
As Henry saw Andersen and tried to make sense of him, it was as though one of his own characters had come alive, ready to intrigue him and to puzzle him and hold his affections, forcing him to suspend judgment, subtly refusing to allow him to control what might now unfold.
The Master
Henry on sculptor Hendrik Anderson, Chapter 10, page 273.
Past failure did not interest Andersen, who remained fascinated by future triumph.
The Master
Hendrik Anderson, Chapter 11, page 295.
Miss Loring was a strong woman in search of a weak friend to care for. You know, any time I saw them together I thought that they were the happiest pair on God's earth.
The Master
Henry's sister-in-law Alice on relationship between carer Miss Loring and Henry's sick sister Alice, Chapter 11, page 307.
It is easier to renounce bravery than to be brave over and over.
The Master
Henry explains about people who make leaps into the dark, to niece Peggy - she had asked why Isabel Archer returned to her husband in Henry's novel The Portrait of a Lady, Chapter 11, page 325.
The Master, a 2004 novel by Irish novelist, journalist and playwright Colm Toibin, is a fictional account of portions in the life of author Henry James. It was shortlisted for the 2004 Booker Prize. Toibin was born on May 30, 1955.

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