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Authors: The Secret Scripture Quotes, The Secret Scripture Important Quotes, Quotations, Sayings from the novel by Sebastian Barry
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The world begins anew with every birth, my father used to say. He forget to say, with every death it ends. Or did not think he needed to. Because for a goodly part of his life he worked in a graveyard.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter One, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, opening lines of novel, Page 3.
Sligo made me and Sligo undid me, but then I should have given up much sooner than I did being made or undone by human towns, and looked to myself alone.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter One, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, Page 3.
There is seldom a difficulty with religion where there is friendship.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Two, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, Page 18.
His [Dr. Grene] talk had locked me in silence, I know not why. It was not opening, easy, happy talk like my father's, after all. I wanted to listen to him, but I did not want to answer now. That strange responsibility we feel towards others when they speak, to offer them the solace of any answer. Poor humans! And anyway he had not asked a question. He was merely floating there in the room, insubstantial, a living man in the midst of life, dying imperceptibly on his feet, like all of us.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Three, Page 29.
There is a moment in the history of every beaten child when his mind parts with hopes of dignity – pushes off hope like a boat without a rower and lets it go as it will on the stream, and resigns himself to the tally stick of pain.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Nine, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, Page 90.
Roseanna, you are a very lovely young girl, and as such I am afraid, going about the town, a mournful temptation, not only to the boys of Sligo but also, the men, and as such and in every way conceivable, to have you married would be a boon and a rightness very complete and attractive in its - rightness.
The Secret Scripture
Fr Gaunt explains to Roseanne, Chapter Nine, Page 94.
I do remember terrible dark things, and loss, and noise, but it is like one of those terrible dark pictures that hang in churches, God knows why, because you cannot see a thing in them.
The Secret Scripture
Roseanne to Dr Grene, Chapter Ten, Page 101.
It seemed as he moved forward, his intention changed, humanity cleared from his face, something private and darker than humanity, something before we were given our troublesome souls, stirred in his eyes.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Ten, Page 105.
Anyway for my sanity I am writing here. I am sixty-five years old; past the Beatles song. By some accounts this is young. But when a man wakes on his fortieth birthday he may safely say he has no youth ahead of him.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Eleven, Dr Grene's Commonplace Book, Page 116.
Too much thinking on death. Yet it is the music of our time.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Fourteen, Dr Grene's Commonplace Book, Page 150.
There has never been a person in an old people's home that hasn't looked around dubiously at the other inhabitants. They are the old ones, they are the club that no one wants to join. But we are never old to ourselves. That is because at the close of the day the ship we sail in is the soul, not the body.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Fifteen, Dr Grene's Commonplace Book, Page 177.
They say the old at least have their memories. I am no so sure that is always a good thing. I am trying to be faithful to what is in my head. I hope it is trying also to be faithful to me.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Sixteen, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, Page 201.
I am old enough to know that time passing is just a trick, a convenience. Everything is always there, still unfolding, still happening. The past, the present, and the future, in the noggin eternally, like brushes, combs, and ribbons in a handbag.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Sixteen, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, Page 203.
There is a moment to speak to a topic, just like there is a moment for every song, no matter how rare.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Seventeen, Page 209.
The real comfort is that history of the world contains so much grief that my small griefs are edged out, and are only cinders at the borders of the fire.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Seventeen, Page 215.
I wonder why anything is.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Nineteen, Roseanne's Testimony of Herself, Page 232.
Morality has its own civil wars, with its own victims in their own time and place.
The Secret Scripture
Dr Grene's observation, Chapter Twenty-One, Page 278.
I carefully peeled off a sprig as recommended in the books in the chapters on propagation, and slipped it in my pocket, feeling almost guilty, as if I were stealing something that didn't belong to me.
The Secret Scripture
Chapter Twenty-Two, Page 300, closing lines of novel.
The Secret Scripture is a 2008 novel by Irish novelist, playwright and poet Sebastian Barry. Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, it won the Costa Book of the Year 2008. The novel centers on a 100-year-old mental patient, and is an epic story of love, betrayal and tragedy, and reminder of the Catholic Church's stranglehold on Irish people's lives during the 20th century. Barry was born on July 5, 1955.

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